VPN Sammelthread

Hans Landa

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24 Jun 2012
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7 Feb 2018
Ist AirVPN denn auch Netflix tauglich?

Was sind denn die wichtigsten Unterschiede zwischen AirVPN und Perfect Privacy?
3 Aug 2015
You might as well just add ProtonMail's vpn service too
Utter trash. Don't use ProtonMail/ProtonVPN. They lock your accounts if you start port scans and there have already been cases where ProtonMail activated IP logging for accounts which were connected to serious cases of crime. Just read their privacy policy and transparency reports: https://protonmail.com/blog/transparency-report/

Switzerland has become less useful for hosting privacy oriented services as you are required to cooperate with Swiss authorities. They might not read your e2e-encrypted mails, but they will log your IP.

In addition to the items listed in our privacy policy, in extreme criminal cases, ProtonMail may also be obligated to monitor the IP addresses which are being used to access the ProtonMail accounts which are engaged in criminal activitie
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