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4 Mar 2017
Latest news:
  • Updated to the latest patch
  • Changed a lot in the scripts distribution system:
    • Now all scripts are distributed from our private server, so most of the scripts were moved there;
    • You can enable\disable those scripts in Loader now;
    • Added hyper-link icons next to scripts that open the corresponding thread with a description of the script in your browser;
  • A lot of new high-quality scripts were released by our scripts-writers;
4 Mar 2017
how much ban waves since release?
Zero, it's almost impossible to get VACed in Dota, VAC module is quite outdated compared to CS:GO.
But there were some "serversided" waves, like ~150 people banned in 1 year from all 3 existing Dota 2 projects. In fact most of banned guys could find their account links being posted on Reddit, so they could have been just manual banned.
Last wave was 6m ago.
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4 Mar 2017
Our script-writers constantly update their scripts and release new ones, so the did today. Meet these two new scripts:

  • Info panel at the top of the screen with HP and MP bars, Ultimates CD and more;
  • Item panel(over hero and standalone);
  • Possibility to tell the cooldown of enemy's items in chat by clicking on icons in item panel;
  • Net Worth\Economy panel;
  • Towers range;
  • Some hidden spells;
  • Rosh State;
  • Much more!
MiniMap Informer:
  • Informs your allies about the enemy position when he farms jungle by drawing his position on MiniMap and pinging there;
  • informs your allies when enemies are Roshing by drawing on MiniMap and pinging there;
  • Draws an arrow on MiniMap showing the place from and to where the enemy is TPing;
  • All of this is visible by your teammates!
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