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15 Jan 2016

Automated Pet Battles now supported!

If you're already a Soapbox VIP Subscriber, there is nothing you need to do to win, I just get a random number and correspond it to a user on my list of active members. Make sure you check your email address!

What are SoapboxRotations?

Soapbox Rotations is an automation software that executes an optimal rotation in World of Warcraft to achieve the highest possible Damage Per Second(DPS), Threat Per Second(TPS) and soon Healing. We take this a step further by creating it around and testing it within what is not considered a "perfect environment". This isn't done using simcraft; this is much more complex as it is created to be responsive to adapting stations for the best experience possible.

History: Soapbox, the owner of Soapbox Rotations has been a part of various projects through different programs that work with multiple online games. Since November of 2012, Soapbox has been creating custom profiles that push the envelope, allowing users to perform at a level comparable to what would be considered an "elite" raider instantly, with the press of a button and no strings attached. All of this being done consistently, with rapid decision making ability that simply can not be maintained without complex mathematical equations being executed multiple times a second. In 2014, with the support of a loyal and committed customer base, Soapbox Rotations was established and has since created a "one stop shop" for anyone wanting to take the next step with in game performance.

Okay, So why use them?

You can expect to be topping the meters with Soapbox Rotations, depending on gear. Soapbox Rotations will provide support for all talents and abilities for the level 90-100 player. The rotations will offer offense and defensive cool down support, automatic AOE detection and handling, and extremely easy setup as well as loads of additional options like a User Interface, Status Frame and Spell Queue System. We will help you get set up if you are unable to do so yourself to ensure that you are up and storming HighMaul in no time! Soapbox Rotations[SBR] offers you the ability to be good at almost any class with the press of a button. All in all, this is a program that anyone who plays World of Warcraft would benefit from. It is constantly adapting and improving, and completely eliminates the need for you to get absorbed my having to constantly spam abilities while sacrificing situational awareness or vice versa. This is an incredible tool for raid leaders, as it will allow you to stay completely on top of your game without having to stop directing your raid, which often is a very difficult task.

We have spent countless hours to develop a system that is fun, simple and effective for the user. So rest assured you will be pleased with our business! You may access our website and be set up in game in a matter of minutes. There is no need for an add-on, or downloading multiple files and folders. Just a few clicks and you're on your way.

Warlords of Draenor Ready!
All Classes and Various Rotations are ready for Warlords of Draenor Raiding as well as level 90-100.

NEW! BRAND NEW CASTING ENGINE: that is optimized for performance and play-ability. Unlike anything else, [SBR] is smooth and delivers amazing performance.

NEW! USER INTERFACE:You can now adjust various features through your in game GUI with a scroll and click of your mouse

NEW! STATUS FRAME: Moveable/closable frame to display real time information

NEW! SPELL QUEUE SYSTEM: With a rotation that is able to execute abilities within milliseconds, it can be hard to sneak a spell in when you need to. [SBR] has included a convenient way for you to queue a spell you need to cast outside the priorities of the rotation.


What do you get when purchasing with SoapboxRotations

  • Direct customer support through Web (, Forums, and Skype
  • How to setup Soapbox Rotations
  • Specific Class related questions for Soapbox Rotations
  • General questions
  • All support is handled by Soapbox himself, and he is VERY responsive. Tickets are answered in a VERY timely fashion.

The Meat and Potatoes

How does it work: Using a custom event engine, the Soapbox Manager Utility takes all available information about your current surroundings and character state to make the most optimal decisions multiple times per second. Soapbox Rotations has taken an advanced method to create a Utility that will enable you to allow it to automatically load and execute the class profile you have purchased, simply by logging in. The rotations themselves are not just "rotations". they function in and out of combat, and in various changing environments within encounters to constantly adapt to changing situations to sustain critical decision making past that of the mind itself. It is also very simple to set up and run, within a matter of minutes you will be in game ready to go.

Manager Utility: The Manager Utility is what connects your class specific Rotation to the game. This is what actually executes the rotation for you. From a platform gaming perspective this would be considered your "Console".

Rotations: The rotations are a file that is loaded and executed continuously. It works with the Manager Utility to execute complex decisions at a multiple times per second. From a platform gaming perspective this would be considered your "Game Cartridge".

What classes and specializations are currently available?
Visit here to see upcoming and currently released rotations: Click Here!

Visit our website to now gain access to our new 64 Bit Manager Utility!

New Support Forum

Reviews? over 200+ positive reviews that can be found below and Product reviews on the website!


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1 Sep 2014
habe es vor eine weile benutzt und es ist verdammt gut habe mir da 2 lifetime cr's geholt kann euch Feral druid empfehlen nur leider benutze ich es nicht mehr da dieses programm geschändet wurde und habe angst wegen der detection aka fking nulled


19 Feb 2011
Ich kann den Bot echt empfehlen.
Soapbox ist sehr schnell was updates angeht, wird dabei aber nicht leichtsinnig was die Sicherheit betrifft.

Die Rotations sind wirklich gut und Verbesserungen seitens der user werden umgesetzt.
Es dauert zwar manchmal nen bissl, bis etwas umgesetzt wird, aber das ist auch nicht überraschend, wenn man bedenkt das alle Klassen und alle specs supportet werden.

Wer nun sagt ui das ist aber teuer, dem muss ich einfach wiedersprechen, denn für nur 5$ (nach einmaligem bezahlen einer lifetime routine) kann man alle Klassen und alle Specs spielen, wenn man nicht im raid ist (lfr funktioniert). Die 29,99$ Variante lohnt echt nur dann, wenn man mit echt vielen Klassen raiden möchte.



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4 Feb 2015
Pretty nice, I would buy it if there wouldn't be the fear of a perm ban when it gets detected.


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15 Jan 2016
Hey thanks for the interest everyone. See some concerns about bans. We only support 64 bit now, which is entirely undetected. I can't speak for all bots, but 64 bit on my end is extremely secure. Other bots are using 32 bit which is basically flat out detected now.