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9 Jul 2017
M4rci's Account Shop
Hey guys, today I'm opening my first account shop. If you don't trust me we can use an official middleman of High-Minded (CS:GO Key-Trades will take longer because of the 7 day trade hold).
At the moment I only accept Paypal (F&F) and CS:GO Keys (price below) but I plan to add PaySafeCard and Crypto Currencies, but for now I only offer these 2 payment methods.
Feedback is highly appreciated.
You can find my contact options below.

For now I'm offering these region free accounts:

  • SCUM - 7,50€ or 4 CSGO Keys - Stock*: Yes
  • Rust - 12€ or 6 CSGO Keys - Stock*: No
  • PUBG - 12€ or 6 CSGO Keys - Stock*: No
  • CSGO - 5€ or 3 CSGO Keys - Stock*: No
  • CSGO Private Rank 2 - 7€ or 4 CSGO Keys - Stock**: No
All accounts come with their original e-mails and you will have access to it. (E-mails are hosted at web.de)

*(if stock = no there will be a waiting time of about 30 min)
**(if stock = no there can be a waiting time of hours/maximum 2 days)

Contact Options:
  • High-Minded Personal Message
  • Discord: inbroso#1579
  • Steam: /id/inbroso
  • E-Mail: [email protected]
Prices aren't negotiable so don't even ask, spam will be ignored and blocked.

EDIT: for your information, I can both talk english and german. You can contact me in those two languages! :smile:
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