Indigo panel for your cheat

12 May 2018
this is an old release aswell... come on guys
No, here is a great functional.


  • Preview
  • Payment
  • UCP
  • News
  • Key activation
  • Control users
  • Settings
  • Key generation
  • Add/del news
  • Requests for change hwid

In the standard panel there is very little functionality.
And if such a panel was already poured, then the author was me.

How about English? Almost nobody can understand Russian here
The next panel will be much better than this, and it will also be designed for both EU and RU users


Advanced Member
5 Oct 2013
The panel is free and its functionality is not small, it is also easy to install and use.
But it has a lot of shit code.
This is my old work.

I think I misunderstood your question
Yep you misunderstood my question but fuck it