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13 May 2017
Hi guys!

So recently, i made a software which automatise the process of a popular boosting method, which is about disconnecting.
Mostly i made it for myself to boost the wins of my accounts without any effort, although i thought why keeping it only for myself, when some ppl could use out the power of this tool for some small fee.

So sticking to the point what it can do:
- Creating a lobby and joining into it with other accounts. ( lobby1 or lobby2 which is selectable from the menu )
- Starting the match and accepting / rejecting it, it's working with matchid so it can't be fooled. Works via TCP, you can enter the IP address in the cfg file of the server computer, where you are running my accepter server, which processes the incoming matchid and giving out commands for the client application, which is running inside csgo.
- Winning the match
- The boosting method it uses won't ever get you into the overwatch pool.
- It can win a match under 7 minutes max.

It's a perfect tool to make prime accounts or to run a winboost boosting service.

Price: $50 to get the slot and then it's $10 per month.
Currently slots are 8/15 ( i'll update the amount here )

If you are interested, contact me here or on skype: live:sorosmate

Screenshot about the little menu:
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10 Jan 2015
just curious
does is support panoramaui?
does it inject something?

not interested but maybe someone else would also like to know that
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10 Jan 2015
Ah okay, hab halt gehört dass es wohl mittlerweile damit OW geben soll.
nope, still works without any overwatch bans