CS 1.6 Lj Script Developer V2


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6 Mar 2021
finally Lj Script completely done its new cheat with commandmenu :hearteyes:

Long Jump Script Developer appeared :smiley:, the first long jump script automatically with all stats Jump and strafe and moves :fearscream:

High Jumps Units (the max of ljscript) LJ +259 / CJ +260 / DCJ +269 / MCJ +270...



* Perhaps you may encounter some problems

* there are important things to change

* there are some tips and things

* make the game faster and better

Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1a3agdv48e34s44/LJScript_Developer_v2.0.rar/file


Tutoriat Video:

Video Show:

ENJOY!!!!!! ??