Bester BF1 cheat

7 Sep 2018
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No Recoil - Removes Kickback from the weapon
No Spread - Removes bullet spread
No Breath - Removes breath
No Sway - Removes the weapon sway
No Fog - Removes Fog
No Sky - Removes sky
No Foliage - Removes the foliage ( Grass, tree's etc. )

Auto-Spotting - Will auto spot enemy players and vehicles for you
Magic bullet - Kills with one shot - kill everybody easily - kill people in chopper- kill behind walls
Auto-Eject - auto eject when your jet is almost destroyed
Aim Auto Heal - Heals your teammates with your crosshair while shooting
Auto Heal - Auto heals your player so its much harder to get you killed
Auto-Revive - Auto recive when somebody is near you
Auto-Knife - Auto knifes when somebody is near you
Auto-C4 - Auto blow C4 just before you get killed
Instant respawn - Random Spawn also in Enemy vehicle and bases
Spawn at last Point - spawn at the last point je spawned before
Ping Spoof - The hack will send a fake ping to look more clear for FF
Mountain Climbing - This will let you clim trees and buildings so you can get on each buildings roof no mather how high!


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2 Jun 2015
Bei Fahrfight geht's um deine Spielweise wie viel KPM/Headshots oder du durch Wände guckst
Nicht nur, es gibt auch Clientseitige Checks.


Iniuria ist wieder safe, könnt ja reinschauen, falls ihr wollt.