wow bot

  1. Aphr0

    macOS Only WoW Bot: BRD / Manatombs Pickpocket, Mage Solo LBRS Bot 100% AFK

    Hi, We have made 100% afkable bots for macOS unlocker (you can rent dedicated macOS servers online and remote them if you don't have any macOS) You will need to buy the Lua Unlocker: 20$/month for 1 session, other sessions are 10$/month - Fully AFK BRD pickpocket Rogue 58 (fresh boosted)...
  2. Soapbox

    [Soapbox Rotations] Automated Rotation Bot - Warlords of Draenor (Windows/OSX)

    Automated Pet Battles now supported! If you're already a Soapbox VIP Subscriber, there is nothing you need to do to win, I just get a random number and correspond it to a user on my list of active members. Make sure you check your email address! What are SoapboxRotations? Soapbox Rotations...