1. Steven_dsm

    [B] ⭕️NETFLIX⭕️ 1 to 4 Slots UHD - Shared pr Private!

    Please note: Differently from scammers that sell upgrades for 4$ With fake lifetime warranty i offer a legit service that will work non-stop just like a normal subscription. Consider this when buying! ⭐️Hello! I’m a professional seller for: ❤️ NETFLIX UHD GIFT CARDS ❤️ ⭕️142,89€ GIFT CARD =...
  2. vQzz


    Scammer banned
  3. kreezShop

    [B] KreezShop - Twitch Service - Twitch Affiliate Accounts // 10.000+ Follower

    Hey, are you looking for a good and cheap Twitch Service? watch here: We sell: Twitch Affiliate Accounts Twitch Affiliate Accounts with 5/5 Emote Slots Twitch Followers up to 20k+ 50 legit looking Follower = 0,50€ 100 legit looking Follower = 0,99€ 500 legit looking...
  4. jesusmaria1122

    [B] Netflix UHD 4K Slot/Profil 6/12 Monate

    Ich biete euch hier die Möglichkeit an ein Netflix UHD Abo (Normalpreis 13,99€/Monat) zu nutzen. Ihr könnt wählen zwischen 6 Monaten Laufzeit und 12 Monate Laufzeit. Jeder Benutzer erhält einen eigenen Slot. Die Bezahlung erfolgt einmalig, nicht pro Monat Preise 6 Monate: 20€ 12 Monate: 35€...
  5. Marble

    Public Discord!

    If you want to join a discord and start trading with people from High-Minded do it easily by connecting to our discord! The only rule I have on joining the discord and deciding to trade with people, you MUST message them through the forums for insurance and...
  6. wuzu

    HQ Music Stream

    Hello, I was looking for a high quality and maybe lossless music stream. I read about Tidal HiFi but it costs around 20 $. Now I can't decide between Spotify Premium and Tidal. Did anyone tried both of them or do you guys know other streaming sites.
  7. swiix

    Wie hört ihr eure Musik?

    Hay High Minded, würde mich interessieren was ihr so an Musikdiensten nutzt oder eventuell noch CDs kauft oder downloadet und sie dann auf dem Handy hört? Und wie findet ihr die Entwicklung vom Streaming? Werfe die Fragen mal in den Raum und eröffne die Konversation. mfg