1. 8

    [B] [WTS] Snapchat Client | Send snap or Story from gallery

    Mein discord : Ms.Testo#7452
  2. nicht daniel

    [B] Level 140 Steam Account mit CS:GO, PUBG, GTA V und sonstigen Games

    Hallo HM, verkaufe mit diesem Thread meinen main Steam Account, welcher am 21.11.2018 erstellt wurde. Der Account hat ein Steam Level von 140 (106.393 XP). Vorab: keine OE, da es meine private E-Mail ist als PoP kann ich euch PayPal Transaktionsnummern geben der Account hat 17 Spiele im...
  3. Focko

    [S] Searching for a Steam Account!

    Hey, i am looking for a steam account with a few hours and a few medals. around 5 or more medals would be great. The rank and the wins are relatively irrelevant. I would be happy if someone would contact me with a good price. The fastest way to reach me is via instagram DM's. (Insta: focko.psd)
  4. kellerkoala

    [B] Escape from Tarkov Standard Edition Key

    Servus, habe einen EFT Key für die Standard Version erhalten. Vielleicht hat hier ja einer interesse daran. Zahlung PP / Überweisung nur per MM Preisvorstellung 25€ Grüße
  5. maekzyoyo

    [B] Biete euch einen netten Account an

    Rang: LEM Wins: 35 Prime: Vorhanden aber ohner Nummer, da die Nummer von ist Steam Level: 21 Alter des Accounts: 14 Jahre 5 Jahre und Hydra Diamant Coin Private Rank: 31 Screens: Preis sag ich einfach mal 30e /// Ich nehme auch gerne accounts als tausch...
  6. yungsiu

    verkaufe main Steam level 130, 14 Dienstjahre

    Biete meinen main zum verkauf an: schöner acc zu verkaufen Middleman only 30 Euro PayPal VB.
  7. K

    Selling/Reselling cheats

  8. F


    I´m selling an NON PRIME GLOBAL SMURF Account, if you are interested in, please let a comment below. Account Stats: 100 hours played. (Increase every time) Matchmaking rank is Global Elite NON PRIME! 65 MM Wins P RANK 10 No medalls The account is 99% clean (Unity was used in legitmode)...
  9. E

    [B] Supreme Acc

    Verkaufe meinen Supreme Master First Class 127 Wins Rang 32 2000+ Stunden Steam Level 7 Original Email Acc Proof Startprice: 35€
  10. LuKKyuuM

    [B] Selling my Supreme Account

    Link to Screenshot: Link to Acc: I know im new here... But im sure to Accept the Best Middleman you want! And if im wrong with anything here please tell me that! Startprice: 50€
  11. 1

    [B] Steam Account Level 61 with CS:GO

    Want to sell this account: Account: Steam-Level 61 Counter Strike Global Offensive Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist other unknown games. The account was created on March 2017. It never had an other owner than me. CS:GO: Private Rang 5 4...
  12. 5

    [B] [Sale]Paradise Service | ArmA 3 cheap selling [Money,Items, etc]

    ArmA 3 Selling Service on most of ArmA 3 Servers Items, Money and more Status: Working on 90% of the Servers many Life Servers [also Tanoa and modded Server] like ALRP, GrandTheftArmA, RealLifeRPG, UG-C Lakeside[Whitelisted Server] and so on Exile Wasteland Vehicles/Items/Weapons/Money...
  13. atoxic

    [B] 1900H - Steam LVL44 - Genuine Pin - Idle - Commendations OE not prime ready genuine office pin LEM on idle server with 2k hours left! Commendations: 116 116 115 $ 35/40 negotiable
  14. Marble

    Public Discord!

    If you want to join a discord and start trading with people from High-Minded do it easily by connecting to our discord! The only rule I have on joining the discord and deciding to trade with people, you MUST message them through the forums for insurance and...
  15. Marble

    [S] Marble's Account Shop - PRIME/Non-Prime

    Marble's Account Shop for Prime/Non-Prime Counter-Strike Global Offensive Accounts! Prime Accounts - PRICE $120 Steam Level 31 - CS:GO Rank LEM (Legendary Eagle Master) 268 Legitimate CS:GO Wins Prime Ready, 2017 service coin. Non-Prime Accounts - $10...
  16. A

    [B] Selling Prime Acc!

    Yo guys, I don't play with one of my prime accs so I finally decided to sell it! Games: Csgo H1Z1 Csgo: Level 40 Coin If u'r interessted just pm me! Have a nice day :):D
  17. ColaX

    [B] Selling faceit lvl 10 account 70€

    3000+ Hours ( CSGO,CS,CSS) ( ) 1,5 Years of Service Steam Level 6 Orginal email come with it. League Accounts inlcuded Paypal (Friends and family) you go first i have all the proofs you need. 70€ FACEIT SS:
  18. Ranzika

    [B] [WTS] Supreme/60 Wins/700H/Level 30

    Last game was on 12 January so its overwatch save Not used in any leagues 650 Real Server Hours (csgo-stats) Prime Ready with ingame level 30 25€ paypal
  19. minze

    [B] good steam account

    Main Account hey guys, i want to sell my main steam account because i will quit so i dont want that the account just gets wasted. NEVER INJECTED OR CHEATED ON! thats the account. here are some informations. - steam level 30 - 1 year old account - 13...
  20. Sparkles

    [S] 2000 hours | 1000 MM wins | 270+ INVENTORY

    Im Selling my old main account! - 2.300 hours - 1000 MatchMaking wins - Steam level 10 - 270+ Inventory - 2015 + 2016 Service Medals - unregristed on any league! - never hacked on it Skype: ItsNoooah $300 for the account! (for sure with middleman...