1. empathy

    [B] [SELLING] Old FACEIT accounts

    Hello I am selling unlinked and unused FACEIT accounts. You can link your steam account and everything else too. I am also giving a fair discount, if you want to buy more than one account. Available accounts: Member since 19 December 2013 *sold* Member since 23 April 2014 *sold* Member since...
  2. Codinar

    [B] Steam Account Coin's | 2011 | Global Elite

    Account: 7 years 13 lvl steam 1650 hours CS:GO 1352 hours CS 1.6 30 Games PoP OE Never injected Banned Faceit (ban evasion (multi acc)) CS:GO Wins MM: 576 Rank: Global Elite Prime Overwatch Service Medal 2015 Service Medal 2017 Service Medal 2018 5 Year Veteran Coin Silver Cologne 2015...
  3. snook

    [S] ESEA Account

    I am searching for two ESEA accounts from 2003-2016. I am mainly looking for accounts with +- 50 karma but if you have an account that doesn't meet the requirements, that is fine. PM me with the profile link and I will take a look. Hopefully, you have not logged into the account for a while so...
  4. Marsvini

    [B] 1x 5 digit

    Hi, im selling 6 digit HL1 account WITH oe for 3€ Paypal only! Pm me if interested. STEAM_0:0:760xxx