1. empathy

    [B] [SELLING] Old FACEIT accounts

    Hello I am selling unlinked and unused FACEIT accounts. You can link your steam account and everything else too. Available accounts: Member since 09 February 2015 Member since 30 March 2015 Member since 15 April 2015 Member since 17 May 2015 Member since 06 June 2015 Member since 16 July...
  2. Codinar

    [B] Steam Account Coin's | 2011 | Global Elite

    Account: 7 years 13 lvl steam 1650 hours CS:GO 1352 hours CS 1.6 30 Games PoP OE Never injected Banned Faceit (ban evasion (multi acc)) CS:GO Wins MM: 576 Rank: Global Elite Prime Overwatch Service Medal 2015 Service Medal 2017 Service Medal 2018 5 Year Veteran Coin Silver Cologne 2015...
  3. snook

    [S] ESEA Account

    I am searching for two ESEA accounts from 2003-2016. I am mainly looking for accounts with +- 50 karma but if you have an account that doesn't meet the requirements, that is fine. PM me with the profile link and I will take a look. Hopefully, you have not logged into the account for a while so...
  4. Marsvini

    [B] 1x 5 digit

    Hi, im selling 6 digit HL1 account WITH oe for 3€ Paypal only! Pm me if interested. STEAM_0:0:760xxx