1. xyos

    ExtendScript - [NoRecoil] ( Fully Customizable .JSON ) for Rust

    Long story short, the coder got divorced, lost his fulltime job, and is waiting on state support because it's somewhat impossible to get a job in this "Pandemic" but he has 2 childs to feed. So we decided to relaunch downloadedSkills (shut down in 2014) ExtendScript - 1.0.0 - First Release...
  2. therealaydo

    Selling my WORKING NoRecoil + Rapidfire Hack for H1Z1!

    Hey guys I'm selling my working NoRecoil + Rapidfire Hack for H1Z1 King of the Kill! [-]Features -NoRecoil (Ar and Ak) -Rapdfire All that for only 15€ lifetime! If you are interested follow this link to join my Discord server: