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  1. grahontc

    [B] CSGO High Tier Account/SMFC/5000+hrs/630+games/70lvl

    Hi, I am selling my account with CSGO, and a lot of other great games. -never hacked -5000+ hrs in csgo -7 years old -SMFC, 898 wins -signed by NiKo & Ex6TenZ I am first owner of account, i have original mail that will go with account. Price is ~700€, paying via PayPal or csgo skins(30% more)...
  2. K

    [B] Global Elite Prime CS:GO Account.

    English: Looking to sell the following account due to taking a break from CS. Information about the account: - Prime - Able to add people / use the market - 209h playtime (CS:GO) - Loyalty Badge - Global Elite - 123 wins - Private Level 20 - Decent trust factor (If you queue up you'll find...
  3. Lucky

    [B] CS:GO Accounts Shop |Fast & Friendly| Cheap Prices

    Hey, I have a lot of accounts for sale. I have all ranks from silver to supreme. Sometimes I have global elite for sale. If you want to buy account just add me in skype: bee_delivery and ask me about accounts you need in. I won't go first unless you have a lot of reputation and some premium...