global elite

  1. Bennington

    [B] Global | FaceIT | OGE | Prime | Medals

  2. maghiar2

    [B] CS:GO Prime (Main account) / Steam level 100 + 15 Years badge

    - steam level 100 - 15 years of service - 2.240 hours csgo never injected + oge included price: 50€ + i wait offerts! discord: maghiar#3392
  3. Bennington

    [B] CS:GO || Prime || Medals || Global || Skins

    Account here - Never Injected - GE in MM - GE in Wingman - 1800+ Hours - Berlin Coin - 2019 Medal - Loyalty Badge - FaceIT Lv 8 - $35 Inventory - Banned on 121GameOn Discord: Price: HMU with your offer
  4. Itadakimasu

    [B] Prime Acc 2000+ Hours Global Elite 170 Wins 100 Games

    Account: 8 Digit - STEAM_0:1:546295XY mit E-Mail Account wurde damals von @DerKeks gekauft, ca. 6 Monate her danach von @InvasioN gekauft, etwa 2 Monate her Alle relevanten Daten gibt es dazu ( Ordner als rar gepackt), wie folgt: 11 Screenshots mit aktivierten Keys - über 100 Keys ma. file vom...
  5. D

    [B] Csgo account (7777hours global elite level 10 faceit a+ esea) (gold coins)

    FACEIT: Elo: 2173 Matches: 2191 Year: 2013 account and i have 12 Months Faceit Supporter bought last month and 15k Faceit Points ESEA: Rank A+ CSGO: Global Elite 1031 wins on mm Gold Phoenix Gold Bravo Silver Breakout Coin 5year coin 7777 Hours Played 0hours iddled i got more games aswell u can...
  6. necky2

    [B] • Global Elite, 362 wins, Prime Ready • Only 40€ • PP, BTC, Skins

    Global Elite, Prime Ready, 362 wins Only for 40€ No cheats used, no leagues registered, I'm the first owner, nobody else had access to the account Recovery details I'll give you the CSGO key I used, I'll tell you what the original email was. That's usually enough for account recovery. Profile...
  7. calhasenpai

    [B] Steam Account Level 38 - GE - Prime - 1700hrs

    Selling my steam account with 80 games , 408 Competitive wins, Steam level 38, CSGO Rank: Unranked due to inactivity (previous rank Global) GTA V With level 7999 , 400 milion Price : 50€ Steam link : You go first or we go with middlman
  8. maekzyoyo


    Global Elite mit 460 Wins E-Mail müsst ihr ändern, da dort meine Private E-Mail momentan ist (Account als Main genutzt) 1650 Stunden (nicht geboostet) Injected? Nein, außer damals als ich den account erstellt habe SAM für achievements (kein VAC Risiko) 15,16,17 Service medallie, bloodhound coin...
  9. B


    English [/COLOR][/B] Screenshots:[/B] Deutsch [/B] Screenshots: [/SPOILER] [/B][/SPOILER] somehow i cant edit the post... Open the spoiler for German translation irgendwie kann ich den Thread nicht überarbeiten.. öffnet den Spoiler, da steht es auch in Deutsch.
  10. Javis

    [B] CS:GO Accounts

    Accounts Payment Methods Paypal Contact ev0lve - PM High-Minded - PM
  11. Max Herzberg

    [B] Global Elite CSGO Account | 78 Wins | 25€ | Private Rank 11

    Selling this Global Account: 25€ PayPal ~110 hours Only has 78 Wins now
  12. Z

    [B] Global Elite 166 Wins Overwatch Permissions

    Verkauft wird ein Steam Account. -Steam LvL 10 -Inventarwert über 14€ -3 Seiten +rep - Global Elite -166 Wins - Overwatch Zugang -Tactics Pin -89 Empfehlungen -1 Gold Medaillen -Silber Medallien -nicht gecheatet 65€Vb
  13. $ KING

    [B] [★] CS:GO Rank Boosting [CHEAP / SAFE / FAST] [★]

    [★] CSGO BOOSTING [CHEAP/SAFE/FAST] [★] [★] WIN BOOST [★] Expiration: You just need to join in our Lobby, and accept the Game. After that u can use ur' AFK-Script and just stay AFK. If you want to Uprank, you have to pay a little bit more, but then you can do ALL Kills. Price: Per Win | 0.50€...
  14. canser253

    [B] 152 wins Supreme Master CSGO Account

    Im selling my Prime ready GlobalElite account. It has 179 wins and 331hrs. Private Rank 17 It has no Skins, all leagues unused, NO VAC, no cheats were USED with +original E-mail WITH MIDDLEMAN ONLY Beide Accounts für jeweils 25 € PayPal oder skins oder PSC *Preis unverbindlich Contact: PM...
  15. xPaolo1337

    [B] Steam Account "Smurf" mit CS:GO (Global-Elite) [S] Paysafecard oder Überweisung

    Ich verkaufe hier meinen Smurf für Paysafecard. Link: Hier einpaar Informationen über diesen Account. Rank: Global Elite Private Rank: Major Rank 32 (Ab Rank 40 kann man den 2016 Service Medal erhalten) Gewonnene Spiele: 126 (Ab 150 kann man...
  16. C

    [B] CS:GO Globale Elite,119wins [S] Paypal

    Hallo Ich verkaufe einen Globale Elite Account. Bezahlung only via Paypal. Account: -MM Rank: Globale Elite -Wins: 119 -Private rank: 39 -Hours in CSGO: 204hrs -Vac: Clean 50€ -VB- Infos &' Details zum Account auf den Screens: Contact: STEAM...
  17. flux^

    [B] Global Account 133 Wins / 2nd Account/ 25€ / Paypal

    Hello, I want to offer my second Account which was mainly used to play Counter Strike Global Offensive Details: Rank: Global Elite Wins: 133 Hours: 318 Up to 13 Commends Only used to play Matchmaking Leagues Faceit unused ESEA unused VAC/Overwatch No Vac ban No Overwatch ban I only...
  18. interpol

    [B] Steam-Account , 6-Digit 2003 , CS:GO , oe

    Ich bitte hiermit einen Steam-Account zum Verkauf an. Informationen - 6 digit , 2003 - CS:GO + hl1 Spiele - Steam Level 31 - 78 wins Global Elite - OE - clean d.h überhaupt keine Bans - Private Rank 13 - CS:GO 700h+ , CS:S 600h+ , CS 600h+ - 6 Seiten mit +rep Preis Ich denke über 50€ nach...
  19. S

    [B] Cheap global elite account

    Hello! Selling CS:GO global elite account - 35€ account link - Account was made by me to boost and then sell. Boosted with friends without any cheats, you can watch replays. Screenshot: Add me in skype : legosuperstar3 or in steam...
  20. wuzu

    [B] Global Elite Accpunt

    Kurze Beschreibung: - 237 Stunden - Privat Rank 20 - 134 Wins - 8/7/8 Commends - Kein OW/VAC oder Tradebanns - Email Acc. kann ich nicht mitgeben da ich den oft brauche. Preis: 25 Euro /PayPal Gerne mit Middleman.Gehe nicht first.