1. ggwellhacked

    Explanation of Ragebot features

    I need some features' explanation. Here's the list. on shot anti-aim (answered) multipoint (answered) dynamic point scale hide shots double tap (answered) I'd appreciate your answers. :smile:
  2. Strawsys

    [Undetected/Free] Strawsys CS:GO ~ ESP,RADAR,AIM,TriggerKEY,AutoPISTOL,NoFLASH,BunnyHOP

    Strawsys CS:GO - approachable and safe (double protection)! ~ GlowESP/WallHACK - glows through walls, health indicator ~ TriggerKEY - shots when the aim is at enemy and key is pressed ~ BunnyHOP - bunny hopping when space key is pressed ~ AIM - aims at enemy when mouse left key is pressed ~...