1. SonGoKu009


    INSTANT GOLD , DIAMOND , DARK AETHER CAMO !!! 70€ DARK AETHER ! PROOF: VOUCHES ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Features in the lobby are: God Mode Unlimited Ammo Unlimited Money TP zombies to location High XP High Weapon XP Instant Kill...
  2. hedgehog

    Looking for teammates to get to LEM/SMFC with. Hard to soloQ out of MGE/DMG

    Currently I use Iniuria and I have just applied for novolinehook. I'm looking forward to playing consistently with someone and getting to a higher rank. Requirements: English Prime (duh) Good Legit Cheat (p2c, no pastes) Active account with a cheat/cheating forum since june 2019 15 or older...
  3. R3KT1337

    Windows 7 installer

    When i'm trying to install windows 7 from my usb onto my ssd i open the installer and i cannot move my mouse neither use my keyboard to start the installation process any1 who can help me and tell me how to fix this? I'm not using USB 3.0 ports btw just normal ones
  4. P

    bought hacks with bitcoin

    It asked me to transfer 0.00422236 BTC, and then it sudenly show a message like this. Not enough funds sent 0.00422236 BTC has been sent while 0.00472236 BTC expected what should I do? I emailed mod couple times but still, zero reply.
  5. F

    [B] Selling Main Account

    Hello guys, today i want to sell my old main account. Here are some important things you should know. The account has got one gameban in CS:GO The current account credit is 1,40€ Here are my best games which i´ve listened for you: Killing Floor Left 4 Dead 2 Outlast 2 CS:GO H1Z1...
  6. M

    Need a legit config, without recoli.

    Hey guys would be great if you could drop me your legit configs! :)
  7. knottsbro

    new frag-video (hm-hack & iwebz)

    all frags done with iwebz & high-minded (first and last 2 clips are high minded) please drop a like, give feedback!