cs:go accounts

  1. Sir James Bonacci

    [B] Fresh CS:GO Prime Accounts by ZeCjy [2,50€]

    CS:GO Accounts Fresh Steam accounts with only CS:GO activated on them. You get every account with the original email that the account was created with. All accounts are created by myself and have a 100% legit game copy on them activated via gifting by me. The accounts don't have their community...
  2. rgue

    [B] 7 Digit / 1k Hours / Level 50 / 5 Year Coin

    Hey there! Im selling my old main account since i dont use that account anymore. I know my account is new on here so im okay with using a middleman! (I just registered to sell this account) Price: 20€ Feel free to hit me up! Screenshots / proof: https://imgur.com/a/Fgw1l You can contact me...
  3. Pavo

    [B] 5,6 & 7-Digit Account Shop | CS Complete Gifts Shop | CS:GO Accounts [Cheap]

    Pavo's - Account Shop! I speak English and German Welcome to my Shop! / Willkommen in meinem Shop! [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Best Regards/Mit Freundlichen Grüße Pavo Status: *Green: Available! *Red: Not Available Right now! 5-Digit / 13 Year's Accounts: 0 6-Digit /...