1. CleanCorpze


    Hey guys, I'm going to keep this nice and simple, Im looking to buy any CS:GO trade banned accounts. I'm only interested in accounts that have knife/knives, glove(s), and skins on every weapon selection. Prime accounts with Original Email are preferable, but not a deal-breaker. I will be...
  2. S

    [S] Auf der Suche nach einem uneingeschränkten Steam-Konto der Stufe 30

    Ich suche ein uneingeschränktes Steam-Konto der Stufe 30, wäre schön, wenn es auf CS: GO Prime wäre. Das Konto kann nicht getauscht oder gesperrt werden, niemals in CS: GO eingebunden. Zahlungen erfolgen über Paypal, Du gehst zuerst oder wir benutzen einen Mittelsmann
  3. Marble

    Public Discord!

    If you want to join a discord and start trading with people from High-Minded do it easily by connecting to our discord! The only rule I have on joining the discord and deciding to trade with people, you MUST message them through the forums for insurance and...
  4. Oxydite

    [S] BUYING CS GO Silver account!

    Hi, I'm looking to buy CS GO account with Silver or Gold Nova rank! I dont care about the hours played or digits or anything like that. Just a CLEAN account with cs go silver or gold nova rank! So no VAC bans or anything like that. sen me pm or commend on this thread and we will discuss about...
  5. S

    WTB Case Keys

    Hey Leute suche einen Keyseller/-trader (für um die 1.9USD bzw 1.65EUR pro Key) Zahle via Skrill