1. empathy

    [B] [SELLING] 6-7 DIGITS + 1337 IDs

    Hello I am selling 6-7 DIGIT steam accounts and 8 DIGITS with 1337 ID. You will get access to the original E-Mail address that is connected to the account. The steam profile isn't set up. [6 DIGITS] STEAM_0:0:113XXX STEAM_0:0:151XXX STEAM_0:0:203XXX STEAM_0:0:325XXX STEAM_0:0:433XXX...
  2. haxz0r

    [B] Sell 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9Digits Beautiful STEAM IDs.

    Hello everybody. By selling include accounts. Masks STEAM_ID XXX – identical numbers, for example 111 ABCDE/EDCBA – sequential numbers, such as 12345/54321 OE – Original Email PoP – Proof of purchase When paying for goods by transfer to a credit card, the price will be much...
  3. OZZIE

    [B] 6 Digit Account Shop!

    Hey High-Minded Community! (I speak German and English!) Right now i only Sell 6 - Digit Accounts with OE [Original Email] + the HL Package [See Screenshots] The Accounts are all 12 Years old and you get the 5 Years Coin after you bought CS:GO! The Only Payment Method[Right now]: Paypal (Family...