300 hours

  1. destinator28

    [B] CGSO acc.!! (Silver4 AND PRIME)!! OFFER for 15€ (300h)

    IN THIS acc u can find some graffits (CSGO) and u can get it for 15€ (PSC)!!! IF YOU HAVE INTEREST in it than write me at [email protected] an e-mail with this verify code (6DF5X2) and if u dont wanna email me than do it like u do it ervery time ^^ HOPE U HAVE INTERESS in IT...
  2. linuxgiz

    [S] MG | 40 Wins | 300 Hours | 5 Year Coin | 12 Years of Service

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/steamalphatester Proof: https://gyazo.com/d498a4663576f3b1897951190a3bf74d http://prnt.sc/d54nmt Full Half-life and CS Price: 15$ (negotiable) Middleman or you are going first.