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  1. GeenStijl

    [MM] GeenStijl - dankgod

    Selling Steam account for $200 : Buyer: @dankgod paying with Paypal Friends&Family
  2. GeenStijl

    [S] New main steam account

    Requirements - Steam level min. 12 - Original email - Account age min. 4 years old - Minimal 1000 hours on CSGO (preferably not boosted) - CSGO Rank doesn't matter - Preferably service medal 2015 & 2016 or some pins - Minimal 100 MM wins - No OW/VAC/Game/Trade/Community bans - Not league banned...
  3. GeenStijl

    [B] Uplay with Siege, The Division and Watch Dogs

    Selling Uplay account level 15 with Rainbow Six Siege, The Division and Watch Dogs. All games together is around $58 , can sell it for $30 Siege; 31h The Division: 18h Watch Dogs: N/A Selling the Uplay account for $30 with middleman. Screenshot:
  4. GeenStijl

    [B] Origin account with FIFA and Battlefield

    Selling my Origin account with FIFA 13, 14, 15 and 16(Deluxe Edition), Medal of Honor, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare CD Key, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 4 Premium is also on it. Battlefield 3 is GCC banned, which means that you can't play BF3 and BF4 on servers that's being...
  5. GeenStijl

    [B] Main steam account

  6. GeenStijl

    [B] Bayonet Doppler FN & Karambit Marble Fade Fire&Ice FN

    Bayonet Doppler FN Phase 2 Float/Wear: 4% Price: $300 P.S. Able to sell it for $270(only for HM users) if you will pay with Paypal (with middleman from HM) Karambit Marble Fade - Fire & Ice FN Float/Wear: 2.7% Price: $700 SOLD - Paypal only(Family&Friends + Middleman)...