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  • inspector thinks that although there is no evidence the car is legally parked wrong, its not parked the way he thinks it should be, he can then clamp the car. Oh, just buy a new car. Um no, that's not how the world works... but it is how CS, Steam and Overwatch work. Learn from my mistakes or pray the 'parking inspectors' aren't crooked. Better yet, go find a better game worthy of your time.
    advice: you can start a new account. No! Why should I? I'm innocent! Why should you have the right to take my money and ban me without an appeal process? I have offered to let them run scans on my machine, watch me play via Discord, talk to 60 players in my fan club who'll vouch for me... anything! So if I buy a sports car and some people are jealous of it, and report it to a parking inspector... and that parking
    mistake... to test if my trust factor has improved I play a comp match. I suspect someone on my team is cheating as he's calling out where players might be - "watch that box over there", "stop and watch left of the door" - so I report him for walling. We win the match. The next time I login, I'm slapped with a global ban. Those skins I bought aren't accessible. Steam offers no appeal process and offer this piece of
    vote me off. So now my trust factor is low. I spend the next few weeks writing content, crafting badges, commenting on people's profiles, trading cards, buying skins and trying to build up my game time... a big fat waste of time. I'm still not trusted and none of my friends want to play comp with me because it'll just be a match full of blatant cheats. Steam support do not reply to my feedback. I make another
    lack of recorded playing time makes every jealous 12 year old think because I killed them, I must be hacking. To make matters worse, I am playing comp by myself... don't do this! Always make a party of 5 with your friends. I got stuck with 4 others who start teasing me for "making too much noise" because I'm running around (although I'm top fragging). They tell the other team I'm cheating, they all report me and then
    it's fun, there are a lot of nice gamers out there. But there is a toxic element and lots of cheaters. Back in my day, a responsible admin would have just banned them from that server. Don't think that buying Prime helps, it doesn't... there are just as many cheaters spoiling the game with seemingly no repercussions. So I make the mistake of thinking that competitive games will yield a better experience. Well my
    My lesson learned: don't sink money into a game that can in-game ban you without appeal. This is my experience... I am an older gamer. I used to play CS back when it was just a mod for Half Life and there was no VAC, just PunkBuster. I was a server admin and an egamer, back in the days when playing competitively might win you a new mouse at best! So after a break for a decade I start playing again. For the most part
    Cringes pfp du memesense autist.
    sry aber use commonsense
    Hey hast du noch ein invite jemand anderes hat den schon benutz du kannst mir den auf discord schicken wenn du noch ein hast Discord: Tim-Tracked#3804
    Hey hast du noch ein invite jemand anderes hat den schon benutz du kannst mir den auf discord schicken wenn du noch ein hast Discord: elextrah#4841
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